About Us


Our Approach

Snapcrowd Ltd.’s mission is to promote and exhibit multicultural entertainment within our community and across Canada. Our main aim is to have cultural unity amongst all Canadians. We plan to achieve this through various representations of music, dance, and visuals. To best help our audience connect with the cultures we will be presenting them on a large platform that is open to all who wish to participate. We have plans to organize several social events to connect communities and to allow them to embrace one another’s cultures and similarities. These events will include individuals from numerous backgrounds who will illustrate what their communities embody and represent for the audience to conceive.

These events will be a platform for artists from Canada and around the world to showcase their talents and demonstrate their cultural values while bringing communities together and giving opportunities for individuals to experience their unique heritages.

Meet the Team

We have a strong team consisting of talented professionals, who have vast experiences in various fields and in organizing multitude of events. This team is completely devoted, committed and super excited to ensure that Snapcrowd becomes a pioneer in our field and contributes meaningfully in bringing people across the globe together.

Next Steps...

Snapcrowd is an organization that will enable sponsor partnerships to present new and exciting opportunities for their organization to – elevate their strategic positioning, foster new relationships, and increase their exposure within the industry.

Today you can start investing in the future of your organization’s reputation by becoming a Snapcrowd sponsor.

By partnering at a Snapcrowd event, you will gain exclusive access to our high-profile audience and performers made up of top-tier industry professionals, and be able to leverage these new connections to raise your company’s profile.